React | Typescript | Java | AWS

• Software Development Engineer Intern on the Alexa Mobile Analytics team. Working on innovative solutions to streamline the tracking of over 80 billion metrics per day
• Developed a full stack web app (React, Typescript, Java), centralizing data access and analysis, used by 100+ partner teams in production
• Innovated lambda integration for swift S3 data extraction, accelerating real-time visualization
• Implemented global search functionality, empowering users to efficiently navigate and leverage data insights

HID Global

Python | MySQL | MongoDB

• Worked on a project to reduce production time of radio frequency readers over 30% by automating the timing of the production cycle
• Collaborated with international engineers to fix the Saturn, a machine responsible for 20% of RFID tag production at the Austin location
• Followed the Agile Scrum methodology, wrote and debugged scripts that directly impacted production

ID Tech

Java | C++ | C#

• Led a virtual class teaching Java, C++, Calculus, and K-12 math topics
• Planned and integrated lesson plans, provided real time examples and projects in Java and C++

In The Future

I'm interested in working for companies where I can make a direct impact on people's lives, and solve novel and interesting problems. Seeking Summer 2024 opportunities, feel free to reach out to me below with opportunities!